Buy Methotrexate

Methotrexate - an antineoplastic remedy used for cancer treatment, arthritis' treatment and treatment of severe psoriasis' form. Methotrexate renders an antitumor, immunosuppressive and cytotoxic action. The drug acts on the bone marrow cells of malignant tumors, embryonic cells, epithelial cells, bladder cells of the intestinal mucosa and oral cavity.

Indications for use:
Methotrexate shows therapy effectiveness in case of acute lymphoblastic leukemia or non-Hodgkin's lymphoma; Rheumatoid arthritis, if other methods have not been effective; Severe psoriasis; Mycosis fungoides in advanced stages; Trophoblastic tumors.

Instructions for use:
Methotrexate is taken depending on the disease. Dosage for trophoblastic tumors daily 15-30 mg of methotrexate for five days (at intervals not less than 7 days), the course is carried out three to five times, or once in five days at Methotrexatedose of 50 mg at intervals not less than one month. Acute lymphoblastic leukemia's dosage in the complex therapy - 3.3 mg/m2 till remission's achievement; non-Hodgkin lymphomas in the complex therapy - twice a week appointment of 15-20 mg/m2 or daily 5 days appointment of 7.5 mg/m2; rheumatoid arthritis is treated by Methotrexate's appointment (once a week) of 7.5 mg of remedy (once or dividing the dose into three receptions with intervals not less than 12 hours). The dosage can be increased, but shouldn't exceed 20 mg. The dose of can be reduced after reaching of optimum therapeutic effect. Duration of Methotrexate's treatment of artirita depends on the disease progress. Methotrexate's appointment for children with juvenile chronic arthritis consists of 0.3-1 mg per 1 kg of body weight (weekly); in case of psoriasis, the weekly Methotrexate's dose is gradually increased from 10 to 25 mg for achievement optimal clinical effect; granulosarcoid therapy dosage is taken twice a week in Methotrexate's amount of 25 mg.