How I Make Fun By Hacking Kahoot in Classroom

Hey Guys, How are you?

Today in this blog post I will teach you how to hack a Kahoot by using Kahoot Spammer which is a very simple and easy process.

If you are a student and want to do fun in your class and want to open the eyes of your teacher like in below image then you will be looking for a method to Hack Kahoot.

Teacher after seeing a Flood in Kahoot

Teacher after seeing a Flood in Kahoot

Now you have to imagine how much funny and interesting will it be if you use Kahoot hack tool in your class? Will not all the students start laughing? Will not you feel yourself like a Hacker? Just imagine.

Looks interesting?

Yes, it is.


So, It will be an awesome feeling in your class when you will spam Kahoot.

That is why I thought I should share a case study how I flooded a Kahoot with a lot of spam bots in my class and the teacher get amazed and all the students started laughing.

My Story About the Spam

I am ten years old and our teacher mostly takes our tests on Kahoot and the next test was scheduled on Monday. I had listened a lot about Kahoot hacking but I had never seen all of this in reality or anything this kind.

Since our test was on Monday so, I sat down and started searching about How to Crash a Kahoot on Sunday.

I searched a lot about this and tested a lot of method on a game which I had created myself.

I just used to open the tool and their enter my Kahoot Game PIN. I tested a lot of tools and most of them were not working, fortunately, I found a Good tool which you can find. there I entered my Kahoot Game PIN and boom! I see a lot of spam bots in the required Game.

When the teacher noticed a lot of users in the Kahoot game at once she becomes suspicious and started checking our phones because she was aware of Kahoot Spammers but fortunately in the classroom, I was sending spam bots in the Private mode otherwise she would have checked the history and found that it was me.

How can you too Flood Kahoot with lots of Spam Bots?

OK, now if you also want to make fun in the class then it’s OK. I have enjoyed this and you can too. It’s really very fantastic experience.

All you need to do is to follow the below steps.

  1. Your teacher will give you the Game PIN so just copy that PIN on a separate notebook.
  2. Go to the URL which I have stated above.
  3. Enter the Game PIN and number of bots and then click Hack Kahoot button.
  4. And BOOM! You will see lots of spam users in the Game Screen in a few seconds.


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